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Big guy who has always loved working with technology

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Introduction to Shenandoah Vickrey

Welcome to my page. My name is Shenandoah Vickrey, a .NET developer looking for opportunities in the field. I have always been a tech lover but because I grew up in a small town, I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue technology jobs. After high school I tried to expand my education further through architecture. However, because of the recession I was not able to continue. After years of unfulfilling work in retail I decided to go back to school. I was not able to get into the game design course, but I was able to get into culinary school where I graduated with an Associates in Baking & Pastry. As much as I loved the work I still felt like I made a mistake in not trying harder to join a tech school. That’s why I made the change and attended Centriq’s full stack web developer course

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About Me

I was born in New Orleans where I developed my love of food. I lived there for the first 10 years of my life before our family moved to Missouri, where my parents were born. It was a dramatic change going from a huge city to a small town that had less people than the school I grew up going to. Being so far away from any city made keeping up with technology hard, it always felt like the things I got were five years out of date. That all changed when I got my first full time job and was able to afford an Iphone4S. I was reminded why I loved technology so much, after that I started customizing the family computer. Eventually I built my own computer from parts of the old computer and parts I bought online. Still I never imagined I would be able to start a job in IT especially after going to college twice. First for architecture then in culinary arts. After a final job feeling unfulfilled and completely unappreciated I took the chance to go to the Centriq full stack web development program. Although it is tough to wrap my head around at times I can say I am truly happy to be working with something I have loved all my life.